Deep thoughts from Aaron Sorkin


A few months ago, while driving back to DC from my parents house, I was listening to an Aaron Sorkin interview on a recent episode of The West Wing Weekly.  As always, Aaron charmed me, however there was one line I’ve been pondering ever since.

I’d say a very broad theme in all of the television that I’ve written is that it’s alright to be alone in a big city if you can find family at work.    (1:01)

The statement is so simple, but it resonated with me so much that I had to  replay the line multiple times before I was ready to move on.  In some ways, it made me uncomfortable.  I could spend hours digging into how this thought has impacted my decisions (or lack of decisions) over the last 5 years.   I  could use it to explain why a politics-hating girl (no longer!) fell in love with The West Wing four years ago.  I could also dig into why workplace shows can be so successful (or bomb miserably).  I could  destroy this statement arguing that it is necessary to find “family” outside of work for a truly fulfilling life.   Instead, I just want to leave it here and let you think on it.  For me, it’s a good example of how small pieces of pop culture enrich my life by forcing me to think more deeply about my own life.  Does it have an impact on you?  Is it true?  Is it painful?  Does it make you smile anyway?  Or does it simply just make you wish Aaron Sorkin hadn’t given up on television?