Pop Culture Resolutions: Part 1


And as I promised, let’s get those resolutions started.  I’m also going to delve more into specifics later on.  I’ll link to them on the main list, but for now, I want to pull 10 generic resolutions, that I can expand upon later.

  1. See all Oscar nominated best-picture films.   Bonus: See all Oscar nominated films from another category as well.
  2. Finally finish Homeland, despite the fact that it hasn’t blown me away that much thus far.
  3. Delve further into the world of Aaron Sorkin.  I gobbled up The West Wing this year and fell in love.  I want to try Sports Night (I have a feeling I’ll love), Studio 60, and The Newsroom.  Bonus: Rewatch The Social Network and try a few of his other films.
  4. Read 20 new books, at least 1 of which is nonfiction.
  5. Regularly, listen to All Songs Considered and find 3 new artists to indulge in from there.  I used to be good about finding new artists through college work, but I don’t have that privilege any more so I need to be better about proactively finding new music.
  6. See at least 10 critically acclaimed films that I missed during their peak.  This can refer to any genre, any decade, and any films.  The goal is to just catch myself up on the world of film.
  7. Actually make it to something live onstage in DC.  Vague, I know.
  8. Read the books based on the movies I’ve seen and want to see this year (Cloud Atlas, Perks of Being a Wallflower, and more).
  9. Try out at least 1 TV show featured in Alan Sepinwall’s book.  And then I can finally read through that chapter and understand what I’m reading.
  10. Continue my exploration of podcasts.  For once, I want to feel like I’m not just an NPR junkie wannabe, but an actual NPR junkie.