Back on the couch


Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about my interests.  I’ve spent the last 5 years in a city I never wanted to be in and in a job I thought was temporary.  While I don’t have any intention of making specific changes any time soon, I am looking to push myself to go back to some of my hobbies (if that’s what you can call them).   Which brings me to a promise I made myself yesterday: To write more about what I watch.

I love that I love indulging in TV.  I used to be embarrassed by my TV habits and my ability to waste away an entire day binge-ing on something ridiculous.  Lately, I’ve found that it’s probably one of the few things that keeps me sane among all the stress in life. There is very little that makes me happier than disappearing into a fictional world, even if it’s been pretty miserably designed.  A majority of my life has been spent idolizing those who get to work in TV.  From my weird fascination with our local TV critic (I so miss Larry Bonko’s regular columns) to following the TCA’s religiously while stuck in Williamsburg for multiple summers — I’ve wanted to be in it.  Truthfully, my professional skill set doesn’t really align with anything you’d find in TV (Feel free to prove me wrong and send me job postings for professional technical puzzle solvers in that world), but I really do dream about it.  So, I’ve decided to revive my blog to bring some purpose to my bingeing.   So — here’s to insightful posts on mostly-bad TV.  Cheers!


Coming up:  My thoughts on the teen soaps of 2017 aka how Rachel can still find herself horribly entertained by 22 year olds pretending to be 16.


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